The Center for Adolescent Health & the Law is a unique national organization that works exclusively to promote the health of adolescents and their access to comprehensive health care. The Center addresses a broad range of complex legal and policy issues that affect access to health care for the most vulnerable youth in the United States. The Center provides information and analysis, publications, consultation, and training to health professionals, policy makers, researchers and advocates who are working to protect the health of our adolescents and young adults.

10-Year Initiative on Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking
The Center for Adolescent Health & the Law is launching a 10-year initiative to address sexual exploitation and trafficking of adolescents and young adults.

Key Resources on the Affordable Care Act
The Center for Adolescent Health & the Law in collaboration with the National Adolescent and Young Adult Health Information Center (NAHIC) has published a series of issue briefs explaining the implications of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for adolescents and young adults.

State Minor Consent Laws: A Summary, 3rd Edition
The highly acclaimed 3rd edition of State Minor Consent Laws: A Summary is available! Click here for more information on this landmark publication.