About Us

The Center for Adolescent Health & the Law is a unique legal and policy organization that works nationally to promote the health of adolescents and young adults  and their access to comprehensive health care. The Center was originally established in 1999 and began operating as an independent 501(c)(3) organization in 2002. We conduct research, analyze laws and policies, produce and disseminate publications, provide presentations and consultation, and engage in advocacy. The Center’s leadership has decades of experience with the legal and policy issues in adolescent health care and its Board of Directors includes several of the nation’s leading experts in adolescent health.

The work of the Center for Adolescent Health & the Law addresses a broad range of issues influencing the financing, delivery, and utilization of comprehensive health services for adolescents and  young adults. Our expertise is routinely sought by health care professionals, researchers, policy makers, and advocates. We have helped these professionals extensively in their work to expand health care access for adolescents and young adults by responding to requests for consultation; designing and conducting workshops; and giving presentations to diverse audiences convened by professional organizations, governmental agencies, and advocacy groups. The Center’s publications include monographs, book chapters, journal articles, commentaries, editorials, and issue briefs.

Our research, publications, and advocacy focus on consent and confidentiality protections and financial access to care. We emphasize the needs of the most vulnerable young people, such as foster youth, youth in juvenile and criminal justice systems, and homeless youth. Recently, the Center has launched a 10 year initiative to address sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of adolescents.