The Center for Adolescent Health & the Law consults with health care professionals, researchers, policymakers, and advocates on legal and policy issues related to the health of adolescents and young adults, including consent and confidentiality protections, financial access and health insurance, and sexual exploitation and trafficking..

We collaborate with other nonprofit organizations and academic centers on research studies and publications and give presentations for diverse audiences convened by professional organizations, universities, government agencies, and advocacy groups.

Examples of recent collaboration and consultation include:

  • a research study with The Guttmacher Institute on the laws and policies that affect confidentiality for individuals who are insured as dependents on a family member’s health insurance policy, culminating in a major report in 2012: Confidentiality for Individuals Insured as Dependents: A Review of State Laws and Policies (2102)
  • a two-day visiting professorship on adolescent health policy at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, hosted by the Division of Adolescent Medicine and PolicyLab, including two formal presentations on sexual exploitation and trafficking and on the Affordable Care Act, and four informal group consultations on confidentiality, HIV, electronic health records, and vulnerable youth
  • a series of issue briefs on legal and policy issues produced jointly with the National Adolescent and Young Adult Health Information Center at the University of California San Francisco.

For additional information about consultation available from the Center for Adolescent Health & the Law, contact Abigail English.